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Core Values

“We commit to spending each day in a passionate pursuit of excellence”

T rust is our foundation.
U nderstanding creates our connection.
R espect strengthens our bonds.
N urturing grows our community.
E xcellence is our pursuit.
R elationships are our priority.
Standing for something isn’t just about writing it down. It’s about believing it and living it!
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We will accomplish this Mission utilizing the following Core Values:

Relationships - We value relationships as a treasured commodity. If we focus and build relationships with our team members and our guests first, our business will grow and thrive.

"Cars are our business but relationships are our priority"

Integrity - The amount of integrity we conduct ourselves with is a direct reflection of who we are as individuals and as a business in this community. Our integral decisions will affect the core of our business success. "Integrity above all else"

Create Connection - Go out of your way to make your first impression an authentic, influential and positive imprint.

"Good first impressions, only happen once"

Listen Completely - Don't just hear the words of the communication; listen for the feeling and emotions. "Good Customer Service is 90% emotion"

Truth - Always seek and speak the truth. "If you speak the truth you never have to remember what you have said"

The Golden Rule - Treat our customers and our fellow team members as we wish to be treated.

"Spend some time in someone else's shoes"

Think Outside of the Box - Look for solutions that are outside of the standard ways of doing business.

"If the customer is happy, it must be right!!"

Empowerment - Empowering team members to be their best so they can give their best.

"We trust our team members to make good choices"

Recognition - We will always commend a job well done through affirmation and public acknowledgement.

"We will celebrate our positive endeavours"

Family - "This is a family owned business, team members and customers are all family members".


Ed Turner


Welcome to Turner Volkswagen

Welcome to Turner Volkswagen, where cars are our business, but relationships are our priority. We’ve got a brilliant new website that we hope will be a pleasure to click, scroll, and read through. We’ve even made it a breeze to access our forms online, whether you’re looking to order tires or book an appointment.

If you’re in the the Okanagan area and require servicing, drop by Turner Volkswagen! We’ve got Volkswagen Original Parts and Accessories, as well as tires that will keep you safe on the road. With a team that’s passionate about building relationships with customers, you’ll feel right at home with us. We treat everyone, whether they’re team members or clients, as though they were a part of our extended family.

In both 2017 and 2018, Turner Volkswagen was recognized as a dealership that offers outstanding sales and service. We earned a place in the prestigious Wolfsburg Crest Club, which is a fitting recognition for the incredible work of our team! As a proud member of the Wolfsburg Crest Club, we hope to continue delivering our best work to the community.

At Turner Volkswagen, we’re committed to several core values. We’ve even used our name as an acronym to make it easier to remember!

Trust is our foundation.

Understanding creates our connection.

Respect strengthens our bonds.

Nurturing grows our community.

Excellence is our pursuit.

Relationships are our priority.

If you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, our vast inventory is sure to have what you’re looking for! We also have Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned models in stock, which have been rigorously inspected for quality and safety. Whether your main priority is comfort, style, fuel efficiency, or performance, we’ve got the model for you! Visit our team at Turner Volkswagen today and discover the vehicle of your dreams!